Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land

ADAM: Seaweed Dreams

Adam Jerome is part of an aquaculture team farming sugar kelp -- tapping into a multi-billion dollar industry, and creating some delicious products.

Adam Jerome is always full of easy-going enthusiasm and a love for his community of Gesgapegiag, and his pride and joy are the kelp products he helped develop. Called Salaweg or “Salty”, the initiative is part of a three-community effort to create jobs and economic self-sufficiency using the ocean’s renewable resources. Aboard the community’s training vessel, the “Nignag”,  Adam leads us to the first aquaculture site in Quebec dedicated to commercial sea kelp farming. There, they will harvest sugar kelp, one of the fastest-growing plants on earth. Salaweg is at the forefront of a global industry worth billions—and growing quickly. The Nignag also serves as the lead vessel for a scientific research trip to survey the herring population in the area. And of course, it all ends with a feast!