Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land


Robert and Shannon are determined to exercise their treaty right to fish lobster, despite fears of conflict and clashes with the DFO and non-Indigenous fishers, as in years past.

While some communities, like Listuguj, QC, have made an agreement for commercial lobster fisheries with the DFO, others have not. For Sipekne'katik First Nation lobster fishers Robert and Shannon Sack, conflict is nothing new. Despite assurance from biologist Megan Bailey that Sipekne’katik’s fishery poses no conservation threat on the local lobster population, clashes with non-indigenous fishers, marred with violence and arson, have Robert worried about the future of fishing for himself and his family. Throughout it all, local band councilor Brandon Maloney makes sure his daughter learns the importance of responsible lobster harvesting.