Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land


FRANKLIN: What's Old Is New Again

Captain Franklin Brisk chases his snow crab quota, while waiting in anticipation to take over the boat he learned to fish on as a deckhand.


Robert and Shannon are determined to exercise their treaty right to fish lobster, despite fears of conflict and clashes with the DFO and non-Indigenous fishers, as in years past.

BEVERLEY: The Captain of a Fishing Boat

On the cusp of becoming a first-time grandmother, multi-species Captain Beverly Denny balances snow crab and tuna fishing.

ALANNA: Salmon and "Etuaptmumk" (Two-Eyed Seeing)

Alanna Syliboy combines science with traditional knowledge in a race to save her favourite fish: the salmon.

DURNEY: There's Always Something To Catch

After a long winter, life-long fisher Durney Nicholas is biding the time waiting for the lobster season to start.

CADENCE: A Fish Worth Waiting For

Cadence is a Mi’kmaw teenager who returns to her community school in Sipekne’katik, where she learns how to catch a fish from local knowledge holders.

ANTHONY: Back Where He Belongs

Traditional eel fishing brought Anthony back to his roots, and to what is important to him to pass on to the next generation.

CHELSEA: The Girl On The Boat

Chelsea Prosper leads by example, proving that women belong on the boat and in the fishery.

ADAM: Seaweed Dreams

Adam Jerome is part of an aquaculture team farming sugar kelp -- tapping into a multi-billion dollar industry, and creating some delicious products.

PRESTON: Finding His Footing At Sea

Captain Preston Paul navigates an inexperienced crew through long hours and stormy weather during a 7-day shrimp haul.