Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land

ANTHONY: Back Where He Belongs

Traditional eel fishing brought Anthony back to his roots, and to what is important to him to pass on to the next generation.

Anthony Nicholas captains snow crab and lobster boats for Pictou Landing First Nation, but more than anything, he loves fishing eel in his spare time. Eels were a traditional mainstay for the Mi’kmaq in the past, but the practice was somewhat lost and few of Anthony’s generation fished them. This episode is the origin story of Anthony’s second act in life, when, after a huge health crisis in his 30s, and the birth of his first child, he realized how important it is to bring back the tradition of eel fishing. Eel fishing is both a connection to his past and a way forward for him and his daughter, Sierra. It’s also an origin story of the mysterious American eel: born far away in the Sargasso sea, they journey to Nova Scotian waters, where Anthony and Sierra fish them, smoke them, and share them with elders.