Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land


Episode 1 - Waiting for Ice-Break

The end of winter is here and the community of Listuguj is getting antsy for the opening of the Spring fishing season.

Episode 2 - Hail out on the Snow Crab Season

After days of waiting, Rodney and Peter's snow crab boats are finally ready to hail out for the 2019 season.

It's June 11th, Mi'gwite'tm, the day to remember the raid of 1981, an event that changed everything in Listuguj.

Episode 4 - Back to the River with Pam

In Listuguj, where salmon are an integral part of Mi'gmaq tradition, Pam brings her signature enthusiasm to the efforts to save them.


Blayze decides to spice up the crab season with a fun competition for his crew, while Walter spends his time dealing with mechanical troubles.

Episode 6 - Salmon Tradition: Passing it on

A family of salmon fishers, Jill, Ricky and Oakley, explore how traditional fishing—and the Mi'gmaq language—are both key to the survival of the community.

Episode 7 - The Rangers

The Listuguj Rangers are patrolling the river and putting safety and sustainability first.

Episode 8 - Lobster & Rock Crab Fishing with Josh

Josh is determined to work his way back up to captain after being demoted to deck hand.

Episode 9 - The Kedgwick Salmon Lodge

100 kilometers away from Listuguj, Mi'gmaq guides are welcoming veterans to a salmon fishing retreat at the Kedgwick Lodge.

Episode 10 - Lita and the Pow Wow Crew

The fishing season takes a mid-summer pause, but Lita and her Pow Wow crew are in full swing—rain or shine.

Episode 11 - Shrimp Fishing: The Long Haul

Steven and the crew of the GC Macdonald hail out for an 8-day journey to net thousands of pounds of shrimp.

Episode 12 - Father & Son Rock Crab Team

Father-son rock crab fishing team Albert and Chris must do some creative problem-solving to finish their day on the water.

Episode 13 - The Fall Lobster Fishery

Despite conflict with the DFO, Listuguj launches its Fall commercial lobster fishery, looking toward a future of increased self-governance and economic success.