Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land

Episode 11 - Shrimp Fishing: The Long Haul

Steven and the crew of the GC Macdonald hail out for an 8-day journey to net thousands of pounds of shrimp.

We follow Steven Clement and the crew of the GC Macdonald—a shrimp vessel that goes out for 8 to 9 days at a time in the gulf of St. Lawrence. We find out what it’s like to be away for that long, from April to November, and how personalities aboard have to learn to get along. Long, long hours at sea, intense weather, bursts of back-breaking work interspersed with hours of mind-numbing boredom. Away from family and friends, no cell reception, just the sea, the shrimp, the seagulls and the other crew members.