Gespe'gewa'gi - The Last Land

A rare and exciting look at a Mi’gmaq commercial fishery and its connection to the people, their traditions, and their homeland.

GESPE'GEWA'GI: The Last Land, Season 1, is a 13-part, half-hour documentary series about the Indigenous men and women of Listuguj, Quebec who make their living on the nearby rivers and ocean fishing for salmon, crab, lobster, and shrimp. Following larger-than-life characters, we experience the fun and excitement of their lives on and off the water. We also get an inside perspective on how a First Nations commercial fishing industry – one that was born out of violence and defiance – grew to be a key economic and cultural support for the community, helping to preserve Mi’gmaq language and traditions that were almost lost.    


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Gespe’gewa’gi, or “the last land”, is the seventh and largest district of Mi’gma’gi. It includes what is now known as the Gaspé Peninsula, parts of mainland Québec and Maine, and northeastern New Brunswick.  Listuguj, is the largest community in the district, followed by Gesgapegiag, and Gespeg.

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